About St. Maarten

French St Martin

1. Land lease and fee simple deeds available.
2. 10% transfer fees, includes Notary and taxes.
3. Land taxes are applicable.
4. Offshore company welcome, but restrictions apply.
5. Construction must be within six months or there will be additional taxes.
6. Zoning and building permits required.

French St. Martin Real Estate

The French area of St Martin Island is yet another location for an excellent real estate investment although the laws and regulations will vary than the Dutch St. Maarten and there are some property taxes. French St. Martin has some of the most premium real estate's properties among the entire Caribbean Islands.  If you are on the market for an ocean view or beach front real estate property, the French St. Martin has a good selection, selling quickly.

Real estate purchases are addressed by the Notary, which he is in charge of organizing the final deed, acquiring all related queries concerning the property. Much like Dutch St. Maarten, the Notary has a responsibility to both parties which obligates him to complete a title search to guarantee a clear transfer.

The purchaser must pay the registration taxes and legal fees, which amount of money close to 7.5% of the purchase cost, also including the surveyor's fee that may have been sustained establishing or repositioning boundaries and preparing plans for the sale.

Usually the vendor would pay the Real Estate agent's commission, but sometime under some unusual circumstances they would be paid by the purchasing party.