La Samanna Villas

La Samanna Villas

Tranquility with a view! At La Samanna Villas life doesn't get any better.

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La Samanna Villas - Saint Maarten - $5,600,000+ USD

La Samanna Villas


With a remembrance of Greek houses sitting on cliffs above the Ionian Sea, but designed in the style of a French villa, the eight La Samanna Villas are perched above the water along the Baie Longe with a clear view of the Caribbean to the horizon.  These luxury Caribbean villas are ideal for those who want to experience the decadence of Europe in a setting that is nothing less than a tropical paradise.  Each of these St. Maarten villa rentals has wrap-around private pools with uncompromising views of the crystal-clear Caribbean sea. 

The villas are 4,600 square feet of unending luxury, with interiors designed by Marc-Michaels, and every possible amenity included.  La Samanna at St. Maarten features 4 to 7 bedrooms, a main reception area and conference room, gated privacy, maid and other personal services.  A private terrace allows you to enjoy the never-ending view of the water, and engage in either relaxation or business activities in the Caribbean sun. Each villa is fully equipped with phone and internet access.

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