Hidden Sunrise

Hidden Sunrise

Guana Bay

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Hidden Sunrise Heaven at Guana Bay - Saint Maarten

Hidden Sunrise Heaven at Guana Bay


Nestled on the eastern side of the island is a small community of villas that take the intriguing name of Hidden Sunrise Heaven at Guana Bay at St Maarten.  “Hidden” because the development is only accessed by a single road, and is off the beaten path of the usual tourist destinations.  “Sunrise Heaven” because each villa faces the eastern sunrise every day, and resident wake up each morning to a glorious sight pouring through their windows.

These St. Maarten villas for sale is a gated community, sitting on 15 acres along the beautiful Guana Bay, just south of the popular Dawn Beach.  As all beaches on St. Maarten, Guana Bay is open to the public.  However, as there are no amenities on the beach, it tends to be less visited.  Thus, in effect, the St. Maarten villa owners have their own private beach of white sand and warm surf. Each villa is a furnished in the most modern European-style décor, with maid service available.

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