Caravanserai Beach Resort

Caravanserai Beach Resort

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Caravanserai Beach Resort - Saint Maarten - $185,000+ USD

Caravanserai Beach Resort


Imagine a brand-new complex of luxury vacation apartments, timeshare units and hotel rooms basking in the tropical sun, set along one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.  The Caravanserai Beach Resort is this vision realized, with St. Maarten’s newest development rising near Malo Beach on the southwestern edge of the island.  Luxury and convenience define this beach resort on St. Maarten as it is only a short distance from the Princess Julianna International Airport and right next door to the Malo Beach shopping, restaurant and entertainment complex.

Whether it is a hotel room, or the grand suites at the Caravanserai Beach Resort and Casino, a spectacular view of the southern Caribbean is available all day long, as residents partake of the beach or pool amenities at their disposal.  Caravanserai Beach Resort will feature an on-premise mini-mart, babysitting services, laundry service and a tour desk.  Each unit is equipped with the most modern appliances and furnishings, and sports wine coolers and decorative tile throughout.  The resort also will feature four restaurants, four bars and a casino for local enjoyment.

History buffs can thank Henry Ford II who originated the idea of a luxury tropical getaway with his purchase of the Caravanserai hotel property. Caravanserai Beach Resort is located on this historic property and has carried on the tradition started by Mr. Ford with the development of a world-class complex along one of the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean.

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