About St. Maarten

About St. Maarten

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St. Maarten An Island Divided, Yet Together

The northern part of the island, French Saint-Martin, is 53 km2 and governed by the French.  The southern part of the island, Dutch Saint (Sint) Maarten, is 34 km2 and governed by the Netherlands. 


The January 1, 2007, census of the island found that the population was almost evenly divided between the two sides.  There were 38,924 residents of Saint-Martin (French) and 35,925 residents of Sint Maarten (Dutch).


Of course, both French and Dutch are predominantly spoken.  However, English is spoken across the island.  Other languages that might be heard are Creole patois, Papiamentu (a widely spoken Caribbean language related to Creole), Spanish, Chinese and Hindi.


On the French side, the Euro is the official currency.  For the Dutch side, the Netherlands florin or guilder is its official currency.  However, the U.S. dollar is widely accepted across the island.


Wonderful!  Warm tropical weather is the norm.  Average temperatures are 86⁰ F in the summer and 80⁰F in the winter.  The trade winds keep the temperature within this range year-long.

Getting There

Several airlines serve St. Maarten.  The Princess Julianna International Airport is the main air access point for flights from North American and Europe.  Because of the relatively short runways, beach goers are warned that incoming and outgoing jet aircraft can blow them down, if they are occupying a beach at the end of a runway.